GFI Holding is a wholesale and retail distributor of efficient and clean technology systems such as green energy; solar panels, wind turbines, and hydropower trading. We supply expert knowledge in the field of renewable resources to consumers, micro companies to large-scale international companies. Additionally, we offer an integrated range of services not otherwise publicly accessible that extend across the whole business process chain: we develop projects and plans with territorial development authorities, offering deep insight into planning, legal, and construction matters; we invest in project financing according to criteria established by investors; we implement projects independently on behalf of our clients or together with third party companies.

GFI Holding trades a wide variety of energy commodities over the world's main markets. Our skilled traders create plans to minimize risks, maximize the value of our generating, and guarantee that our customers receive a consistent supply of increasingly clean energy at reasonable prices. Our trading activities are increasingly reliant on digital technology, both for dealing with counterparties and for continuously improving our portfolio in light of market events.