We create value for ourselves by creating a tangible value to our clients

About GFI

GFI Holding is a leading global service provider which has a unique combination of sector knowledge and industrial flair, which gives their clients access to expertise of the highest standard. We are investing in different fields from hospitality, food and beverage to oil and gas industry and provide services in any of these fields.

We are regarded as a Company who thinks innovatively and one of our Company’s strengths is our ability to negotiate optimally. GFI Holding aims its services to a unique group of clienteles, which allows us to offer an exclusive service to organisations and individuals with whom we share a common goal of success and an affirmative result.

GFI Holding prides itself on providing a high quality service which ensures we stand out in our field and remain the company of choice with our clients. We have built a reputable brand, which allows us to offer a premium service to our clientele who entrust us with all their financial requirements and investment choices. We share a long term view with our clients of having prosperous investments in many fields and that is why we invest strategically.

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