Food and Beverage

We are covering every aspect of the food industry – Retail, Restaurants, Foodservice and Food Processing. Our specialized team focuses on Procurement, Marketing, and Sustainability. We identify what you need to help your business succeed, and we implement the strategy.  GFI Holding offers food-and-beverage management services for a variety of hotels and resorts, from innovative concepts to day-to-day operations to addressing new owners or new markets.

We approach each operation with the perspective of a sole proprietor of a restaurant and the expertise of a hotel restaurant process management. We are responsible for the concept development and design of convenience stores, bars, lounges, restaurants, and other dining areas in hotels.

GFI Holding is prepared to assist develop new, more inexpensive concepts, scale down (or scale up!) operations, save costs, and boost profitability in hotel restaurants as the sector has changed over the years. We can assist your hotel restaurant in adjusting to market changes or any other difficulties your company may be facing, from streamlining accountancy to altering menus.